In 2014 we became one of the first jewelers in Massachusetts to carry laboratory grown diamonds because, quite frankly, “Conflict Free” isn't good enough. The definition of “Conflict Free” is extremely limited and can cause confusion. We want to provide better options, which is why we have started specializing in Canadian mined stones and Lab Grown diamonds. We can even provide diamonds grown in the United States as well as recycled diamonds, diamonds that have been previously owned that are certified and ready for new love and new life. We also encourage our customers to recycle their own stones, pulling them out of unworn pieces and making them into new masterpieces. Our goal is to be as transparent and responsible about our sourcing as possible. We make it easy to purchase a diamond or gemstone by providing multiple stones to view with no obligation. Unlike online stores, you can view and compare stones without having to pay for the stone up front or deal with the hassle of returning it

Lab Grown Diamonds Massachusetts

Physically, chemically, and optically identical to mined diamonds.

They are not “like” diamonds, they are diamonds.


Indistinguishable to the naked eye, and even under a microscope you cannot tell the difference between a mined diamond and a lab grown diamond


  • Take 6 to 10 weeks to grow.

  • Certified and graded exactly like mined diamonds. They are available in a range of colors, including fancy pinks and yellows, and colorless as well as a variety of clarities and cuts.

  • Typically, less expensive than their mined counterparts.

  • Human rights friendly and environmentally sustainable.


Looking for something truly unique? We have access to hundreds of Canadian Mined and ethically sourced "Rustic" and "Salt and Pepper" Diamonds in a variety of exciting cuts.

Custom engagement rings Massachusetts

After discussing what you are looking for we can special order two or three stones for you to view with no obligation to purchase. This allows you to compare similar stones or view a few different options. We are low pressure and only get in stones that fit your needs and your budget. Unlike jewelers that have diamonds in their inventory that they need to sell, at Ilah Cibis Jewelry the only thing we need to do is make you happy. Unlike on-line diamond sellers, you don't have to spend a fortune purchasing a stone and having it shipped. At Ilah Cibis Jewelry, you will view the diamonds with an expert that can answer your questions, and you will have access to our microscope to closely inspect the stones.

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